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Category: Bayan

Notes (right hand) 45 MI-DO
Rows (right hand) -
Buttons (right hand) -
Chorus (right hand) 4
Cassotto (right hand) 2
Registers (right hand) 15
Chin Registers (right hand) 7+M
Notes (left hand - free bass) 58 MI-DO≠
Chorus (left hand - free bass) 2:16+8
Registers (left hand - free bass) 3
Basses (left hand - standard bass) 120
Chorus (left hand - standard bass) 6
Registers (left hand - standard bass) 6+R+1C
Length 49
Width 22
Height 46
Weight (kg) 14,1

Our Bayan models, both with piano or button keyboard, are custom crafted with a new construction system of the wooden box.

The result is an extraordinary acoustic performance with powerful harmonics and deep sound. Both the treble side keyboard and the bass side mechanic are made with new materials, carefully  chosen after being tested on endurance,  rigidity and dynamics.

The final result is an immediate reaction between the instant in which the key is pushed and the sound is produced.  

A very special and accurate work has been done to optimize the acoustical balance between the treble and bass side, inspired by the principle of the piano, imaginatively divided into 2 keyboards and positioned on the player’s chest an accordion. 

Fine quality selected woods are the origin of the Essenzia line.


Our innovative constructing techniques and the combination of woods create a powerful and harmonic acoustic. The production process is focused on creating light and compact models by using innovative materials.

Besides accordions with the traditional celluloid finishing we also offer sprayed and lacquered instruments, both with full size and reduced size keyboards with 19mm key width.


It's produced with different types of wood