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508/Essenzia brown/black paint

Category: ESSENZIA


Rows (right hand) 5
Buttons (right hand) 87
Notes (right hand) 46 MI-DO≠
Chorus (right hand) 4
Cassotto (right hand) 2
Registers (right hand) 13
Master (right hand) Yes
Chin Register (right hand) -
Basses (left hand) 120
Chorus (left hand) 5
Registers (left hand) 7
Length 45
Width 19,5
Height 40,5
Weight (kg) 10,3

Fine quality selected woods are the origin of the Essenzia line.


Our innovative constructing techniques and the combination of woods create a powerful and harmonic acoustic. The production process is focused on creating light and compact models by using innovative materials.

Besides accordions with the traditional celluloid finishing we also offer sprayed and lacquered instruments, both with full size and reduced size keyboards with 19mm key width.