The Company

For over a century, Castelfidardo has been building accordions that are known and appreciated all over the world. This activity is still continued with the same passion and care as our predecessors by the Bugari Armando company, which is proud of this tradition and is aware of being a leader in the accordion sector.
In fact, our constant commitment to offering a wide range of instruments characterized by an even higher quality, means that our customers are increasingly expanding.

- 1961 -

The Birth

Nello Bugari (Armando’s father) already active in the accordion sector for years, decides to hand down his small business to his son Armando. At that moment the Armando Bugari srl company was born.

- 1991 -

The Expansion

Between the 80s and 90s, the Bugari Armando company began to expand commercially all over the world, so much so that it was considered one of the most important and prestigious brands.

- 2007 -

The Acquisitions

Bugari Armando buys the ZERO SETTE company and the GIULIETTI brand, bringing together the workers of the two companies in a single plant.

- 2012 -

With an eye to the environment

Since 2012, respecting the environment, our company has decided to install a photovoltaic system in order to use its own and, especially, clean energy.

- 2019 -

New Horizons

In 2019 the Bugari Armando company, thanks to its commercial position acquired over the years, reaches an agreement with an important group of investors of “Tianjin Huayun Ltd” which will give it a position of absolute domination in the sale of accordions overseas and at the same time a base solid for the support of the “Made in Italy”, indeed above all of the “Made in Castelfidardo”.

- 2021 -

The Present

To date, the Bugari Armando company has more than 30 employees and collaborators and it is in constant development. In these 60 years of activity, the passion and dedication in producing accordions of the highest quality has always remained intact, always trying to combine tradition and innovative capacity. The main goal of our company still remains today to satisfy all the needs of our artists, putting them in a position to always excite the public.

BUGARI ARMANDO s.r.l. - 60022 S.S. 16 Km 315,150 (Via Adriatica, 23) - Castelfidardo - Italy
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